Entrepreneurs have a different way of doing things.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to turn the spark of an idea in their minds into a full-fledged income-generating operation that's built to last. It's no wonder entrepreneurs seem just a little bit different from everyone else. They really are different.

By understanding these 6 things that successful entrepreneurs believe, you can learn lessons that will help you succeed in your own business--and in your career and life.

1. Entrepreneurs believe that anything is possible.

This is what drives them to create the impossible out of pure ideas. They don't understand why other people don't reach for their dreams and put everything on the line for an idea, because that's just how their brain works. Because of this, it may be difficult for some people to convince an entrepreneur that his or her idea is impossible. Entrepreneurs don't know the meaning of the word impossible, and they will pursue their ideas until they find the success they are looking for.

2. When people see hurdles, entrepreneurs see ways to get over them.

It's in nature of entrepreneurs to start figuring out possible problems before they exist, and to figure out ways to neutralize them the moment they arrive on the scene. if anything, obstacles and naysayers push entrepreneurs to want to succeed even more. Don't try to stand in an entrepreneur's way because you are likely to get run over.

3. Entrepreneurs are extremely optimistic.

They know they are going to succeed--eventually--and they always look at the word as a glass half full instead of a glass half empty.While this optimism is at times misunderstood, it's one of the best qualities that an entrepreneur possesses. The ability to look to the future with rose-colored glasses is a gift that many people wish they were blessed with.

4. Entrepreneurs can't stand authority.

Whether it was a boss in the past that they couldn't stand, the feeling of being stifled in a corporate position, or just the fear of mediocrity, there's a driving force behind entrepreneurs wanting to work for themselves. Entrepreneurs don't do well with authority because they are used to living up to their own expectations, not someone else's.

5. And the same goes for rules.

Entrepreneurs like to answer to themselves--and themselves only. They don't like being put in a box or confined to a set of rules that they didn't create. This doesn't mean they don't follow the rules that really count, because they do. They aren't going to break the law just because they don't like it. But entrepreneurs set very high standards to live up to, and their own expectations are higher others would expect or hold them to.

6. Entrepreneurs see limitless possibility.

Ask any entrepreneur if all the success in the world has already been exhausted, and he or she will surely look at you like you must be crazy. Entrepreneurs look at the world and see endless possibilities. Because of this, they never stop reaching for more opportunities and success, and are highly unlikely to ever retire. Most entrepreneurs continue to grow their ideas and start new companies for the entirety of their lives.