The end of the year can be an extremely stressful time for anyone in business. Not only do you have to worry about what's going on in your company, but you've got to balance the holidays, vacations, kids home from school, relatives visiting, shopping for gifts, epic cooking projects, and so much more.

According to psychotherapist Jude Bijou, author of the book Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life, your goal during the holidays should be to "feel joy, love, and peace so you can enjoy time off from work, and savor meaningful moments with your family and friends."

Life is stressful enough. Trying beating holiday stress these seven powerful ways.

1. Prioritize your "yeses"

We can never say "yes" to every single invitation in our lives--whether it's someone inviting you to meet them for lunch, or to take on a new project that you just don't have the time for. This is especially the case during the holidays, when there are so many more events on the calendar. To avoid getting stressed out, be very selective with which invitations you accept, and avoid taking on new projects that are going to require an inordinate amount of extra time out of your already busy schedule.

2. Be smarter with your cards

It seems like most companies still send out physical holiday cards to their clients and customers. While it's a great thing to take time out to thank your customers for their business during the previous year, holiday cards can cost a lot of money to purchase and mail, and they can take a lot of time for everyone to write notes and sign. Why not send out an email holiday thank you message this year? Once the mailing list is set up, sending the e-cards is a snap.

3. Get organized to minimize stress

While it's always a good thing to be organized, this is especially the case when the holidays are approaching. As the demands on your calendar begin to multiply, it's easy for events to overlap, or to be completely forgotten. The more organized you are going into the holidays, the less stress you'll feel.

4. Don't bury your emotions

The holidays can be a very emotional time of year. However, instead of hiding your emotions, it's best to let them out. Not only will you feel better when you do, but the members of your team would rather work with someone who is genuine and who reveals their true self.

5. Remember the "message"

Remember that the holiday season is supposed to be a special time of the year--a time to be with those you love, and to feel joy and peace. But don't forget to give as much as you get--radiate love, joy, and peace in your workplace and provide an environment that encourages the members of your team to do the same.

6. Let your heart be your guide

When you reach out to others--customers, clients, coworkers, employees, vendors, and your community--be sure that you're coming from your heart, and not just your head. Have compassion and empathy for others, and put yourself in their shoes. What can you do that would make them feel really special, and really appreciated this holiday season?

7. Be good to yourself

The last thing you want to do at the end of the year is to look back and have regrets for some of the things you did--and some of the things you didn't do. Be good to yourself. Instead of feeling regrets for what you did or didn't do, learn lessons that you can carry into the next year. And remember: We only go around this life one time--live it to its fullest.

Published on: Nov 24, 2014
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