But what are the traits that every employer looks for to find employees who are awesome, rather than simply ones who can do the job? Read on to find out.

1. Communication skills

Realistically, when considering hiring someone, employers think about what it'll be like to work with them--will they be quick with communication and open to exchanging ideas? Or will it be difficult to pry information out of them and be a pain to work with? If you're applying for a job, proving that you have communication skills early on shows it'll be a good collaboration from the get-go.

2. Loyalty

When employers see that an applicant has spent a lot of time at one organization or company, they know that he or she will be dedicated to growing with a company rather than a person who will simply cut loose and leave at any point.

3. Being prepared

When conducting an interview, it's very apparent when someone is or isn't adequately prepared. If you're an applicant who's done your homework, it'll show when talking about the company--especially in understanding what the organization does and its impact on the larger community.

4. Substantial experience

Everyone claims that they have experience, but truly hard-working people who have been in the field longer will be able to back their words up with facts--so don't be afraid to show you're your portfolio pieces or long history of employment.

5. Positive attitudes

Even though we don't always have our best day every day, it's still possible to determine whether or not someone has positive energy based off just one interaction. Always present a positive outlook when speaking to your prospective employer--it shows that you'll bring a great deal of drive to the company.

6. Work ethic

Having work ethic is something that's apparent in what one accomplishes throughout their time at each place they've worked. When speaking to a potential employer, showcase particularly stellar accomplishments and the extra effort you've put into all the places you've worked--it'll prove to them that you know how to work hard.

7. Reliability

Employers know that the best employees are ones you can count on--regardless of circumstance or changing environments. People who can handle whatever life might throw at time are ones that your company should be looking to hire, not ones who give up when the going gets tough. Show that you've been resilient and reliable in your past work; the employer will know you're the one.