"Courage can help you achieve what you may think is impossible in life. Courage is available to you--choose to embrace it to live a remarkable life."

One of the most courageous stories of all time is the story of David and Goliath. It illustrates the magnificent power of courage in action. David was a shepherd boy who defeated Goliath, a giant warrior. How did David accomplish such a great task? He armed himself with courage to confront Goliath by reaching into his bag and slinging one of his stones at Goliath's head. Impossibly, the stone hit Goliath's forehead, making him fall to the ground. Then David took Goliath's sword to kill the giant, and victory was his.

We don't have to have an army to be able to confront negative things or people in our lives. Many of our problems and challenges are a direct result of the fear that's within us. It is up to us whether we let fear take control and paralyze us, or take courage and radically confront it--and the sooner, the better. You can learn a lot from fear, things about you and other people. Fear can become a constructive lesson in your life as you act wisely and use it to your own benefit, like David did.

Consider these 7 habits of remarkably courageous people.

1. Face reality

Courageous people accept that they are not in control of things because they understand that life is a series of fortunate and unfortunate events where they don't always get what they want or need. They acknowledge problems and don't run away from them. They reflect on the things that have hindered their success and are never in denial because they know denial produces more suffering and disappointment.

2. Confront fear

Courageous people trust themselves and tackle their problems directly by evaluating situations and taking action accordingly. They know that confronting their fears is the best strategy to get over them, and they do so in a timely manner. Experiencing fear is not something unusual to them nor something to be ashamed of. Even in the most difficult circumstances, when they feel afraid, they are brave and wisely employ their resources to obtain victory.

3. Have hope

Courageous people are hopeful. They are sustained by faith and are confident that things will work out for them in one way or another. They can anticipate favorable and encouraging results by waiting expectantly. They refrain from worrying because it doesn't produce anything positive. Hope is their source of strength to keep them going no matter what. The anticipation of living and leading a better, brighter, and more meaningful life is one of their strongest desires.

4. Persevere through struggles

Courageous people don't give up. They may fall, but they get up to fight again as many times as they need to. They keep moving. They are very well aware that struggles are only temporary and that's what keeps them waiting persistently. They visualize themselves conquering their struggles while passing through life's storms. They avoid getting wrapped up in their own worlds and refuse to get into a pattern of negative thinking.

5. Don't waste energy complaining

Courageous people may express their feelings about their challenges, but they do so without complaining. They are very well aware that complaining will not help them overcome their struggles. They keep their emotions in check and don't allow worrying or negativity to filter through and create unnecessary stress that will rob them of their inner peace. They intelligently use their energy to focus on solutions.

6. Challenge themselves

Courageous people like to grow as individuals by stepping out of their comfort zone to learn new things and try new experiences that will take them to new heights and expand their horizons. As they grow and improve, they also enhance the lives of the people around them. Challenging themselves also provides them with a better understanding of what that they really want and need to achieve personally and professionally.

7. Keep an open mind

Courageous people don't limit themselves by having tunnel vision. They instead opt to have a 360-degree view of their environment to broaden their vision and see the full range of possibilities and opportunities to find innovative solutions. They keep their minds open by welcoming new things and new ways of doing things. They are creative thinkers with a spark of joy. They recognize that the greatest satisfactions in life come from conquering their struggles.