Millennials are known for many things: idealism, selfies, and--perhaps most surprising to some--success. Right now, Millennials make up the largest part of the U.S. population, clocking in at a striking 83.1 million people. Regardless of how you feel about it, Millennials are on their way to taking over the work force--and maybe even the world. Here are the seven most prominent habits of extremely successful Millennials.

1. They are entrepreneurial

Did you know that 67 percent of Millennials want to start their own businesses? These days, innovation is everything. Startup culture dominates. The need to create something to answer a demand that has not yet been made is fueling a spur of creativity--a spur led by Millennials.

2. They efficiently multitask

Due to the constant influx of stimuli from all sides, Millennials have grown adept at switching their ability to think about things in an instant. In fact, research shows that Millennials can change media venues 27 times in a nonworking hour. Imagine how productive they must be in a working one.

3. They are tech-savvy

The rising generation has not just gotten with the times--they made them. Seventy-four percent of Millennials report that technology makes their life easier. Learning curves when it comes to comprehending new systems are practically nonexistent for Millennials. Here, the ball is in their court.

4. They sleep

On average, Millennials get almost nine hours of sleep a night. For them, sleep isn't considered a waste of time. It's just another part of the job. Knowing when to rest and recharge greatly improves brain function and quickens response rate--both critical parts of working well.

5. They check in with their priorities

For such an idealistic generation, not incessantly evaluating life goals would be unthinkable. Millennials are great at making sure they value the things that are actually important--not what simply seems important on paper.

6. They know results matter most

In the workplace, Millennials understand the power of flexibility. Working at home, or having a nonrigid schedule, can ameliorate the output of work. With their tech-inclined ways, Millennials are definitely first in line to implement the new schedule.

7. They are ambitious

The thing Millennials are best at is perhaps the trait for which they are most criticized: their ambition. For this pack of dreamers, their ambition might actually be their best asset. Millennials will never stop dreaming, and so as long as they turn their thoughts into action, the sky is the limit.