With today's technology constantly at our fingertips, it makes sense that we're always looking for new distractions and other, virtual ways to escape the space that we actually inhabit. Unfortunately, this causes us to be less engaged and less satisfied with our lives.

If you've ever struggled with staying present, or better enjoying the present moment at any time of the day--read on for these 7 mind tricks to be more present, right here and right now.

1. Stop obsessive-compulsive thinking

Do you find that you over-worry? Even about the smallest things or past mistakes? If you can't do anything about a so-called crisis, don't stress too hard about it. Chances are, it won't even matter in the bigger picture.

2. Analyze your emotions

If you find that you're bothered by something--say, for example, that you're angry or sad or unable to take your mind off an annoying person--analyze how exactly this emotion is bothering you. Understand why it matters to you in where your life is today. And then let it go so that you can be free to feel something else.

3. Eat a balanced diet

When your body feels good, so does your psyche. Prep for the present by consistently eating healthfully.

4. Move your body

When you get a chance to exercise beforehand, it may calm your jitters for the present moment. Try to make time for physical activity as much as possible. You'll soon start feeling more comfortable with settling into the present.

5. Drink water

Physically drinking water allows you to take a breath--literally. You can stop everything you're doing for a second and focus on the sensation of swallowing water, and nothing else.

6. Take a break

Sometimes, the reason we stop being able to focus is simply because of the fact that we're no longer interested in the task we were doing. Our brains have burnt out. Taking a brief break to rejuvenate is perfect for getting back in the zone--wherever it may be.

7. Put down your devices

Screens make it really hard to stay in the moment, because we often find what we see on the screen to be more poignant than the sounds, smells, and sights around us. Put your phone, tablet, and laptop down. You'll end up much more in the present.