Smart leaders know that they can't accomplish the goals of their organization--or their own goals, for that matter--all by themselves. It takes a team of motivated people who are working together as one to accomplish great things.

Smart leaders also know that there are things they can do and say that will get the team fully behind them and consistently performing at the highest possible level. They set a good example for others to follow--showing through their own actions the behavior they want from their people. And they use the following phrases to motivate and inspire the very best from their teams.

1. Together we can do this

Smart leaders know that teamwork depends on getting everyone on board--all working toward a common goal.

2. Can you think of a better way of doing this?

Smart leaders challenge and inspire the members of their team to constantly look for improvements in processes and products.

3. Success depends on us all working together

Smart leaders make sure their teams know that they put a premium on teamwork--on their people achieving great things together--and they reward their people accordingly.

4. I trust that you'll make the right decision

5. What can I do to help?

Smart leaders always make themselves available as a resource to their teams--offering to provide the support, authority, and budgets required to get the job done, and done well.

6. I've got your back

Smart leaders make sure the members of their teams know that they will support and defend them through good times and bad, through thick and thin. Organizations can be very political, and smart leaders make sure that office politics don't hamper the ability of their teams to do their jobs.

7. Thank you

Smart leaders always thank their employees for working together as a team. When they do this, they will encourage and inspire even more teamwork in the future.