I've been to some really amazing places during the course of my life--sometimes on business, and sometimes just for pleasure. Regardless of what reasons landed me there, they have changed my life forever.

Wondering where to best spend your time in our limited days? Here are 7 suggestions you should definitely put on your to-do list.

1. Split, Croatia

Although Eastern Europe is definitely less well-worn than popular tourist destinations like France, Spain, and England, that doesn't mean it doesn't have its overwhelming share of treasures to see. Split, a town on Crotia's Dalmatian Coast, is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the world. And its quaint, gorgeously romantic stone walls aren't yet overrun by the masses.

2. Bandung, Indonesia

Even though almost everyone thinks "Bali" when they think of this Southeast Asian country of islands, Bandung is one of the most beautiful parts of Indonesia. Comprised of elevated green mountains that offer staggering sunset views, the capital of Indonesia's West Java province is incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike.

3. Gdansk, Poland

The historic, Eastern-European city is one of the most romantic in the world. Ivy-laced stone towers over the city's seaside plazas and quaint stores, and museums that tell the story of the role of Polish shipyard workers in the fall of Communism dot the map of the town. The Polish seaside town offers something for families, couples, and lone travelers alike to explore.

4. Sintra, Portugal

While Lisbon takes the cake for being the most tourist-friendly Portuguese town, Sintra is by far the most beautiful. The town of ruins is covered in overgrown moss and ferns, with the occasionally castle or UNESCO World Heritage site peeping through the scenery. There's no better place to get lost in the forest mist - while still remaining in civilization.

5. Corfu, Greece

Santorini is definitely the most sought-after destination in Greece, but few visitors realize how stunningly beautiful the Ionian Islands--on the other side of the country--really can be. Dazzling blue-green waters, majestic rock formations, and crystal-white sands decorate the small island, leaving visitors with enough tranquility and peace of mind for a lifetime.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Asia brims over with a plethora of affordable, cultural places to see, but there's no place like Tokyo to keep a city-esque buzz going. The bright neon lights and gorgeously romantic cherry blossom trees are enough visual stimulation alone. Add in the delectable food, amazing nightlife, and rich art culture, and you'll never want to leave.

7. London, England

Although it's developed a reputation as a quintessential tourist location for those who don't want to venture outside of their comfort zone, London is truly a metropolis paradise for those that love the fast-paced world. There, concerts and art galleries abound; food is sold everywhere on the streets. Clubs and parties go easily until four, five, even six in the morning. Once you're there, it'll be hard to convince yourself there's anywhere else in the world - so don't be surprised when you find yourself sad to go.