Numbers and facts and figures are intoxicating things--it's exciting to see your revenues and profits climb over time. While there's nothing wrong with enjoying the thrill that comes along with running a company that is performing at its very best and generating lots of sales, as a leader, it's important not to forget exactly who is making those numbers go through the roof--your employees. If not for them (and your customers), you wouldn't have a business at all.

In his book People Over Profit, Dale Partridge--co-founder of Sevenly--explains that socially-conscious business models that put people first the future of enterprise. Says Partridge, "I believe these new business models represent the future--one we want and need to realize." Not only are these business models socially responsible, but they are also surprisingly profitable.

By adopting these 7 core beliefs shared by an increasing number of consumers, start ups, and business leaders, you can break the old profit-first cycle and crush it in the marketplace--all by simply putting people first.

1. People matter

It's easy to forget just how important people are to the success of any business. Remember: employees and customers are people, not parts--and not gears in some big money-making machine. How you make them feel about themselves says a lot about your business.

2. Truth wins

Leaders must tell the truth completely, tell the truth quickly, and tell the truth clearly. When you tell the truth, you build trust. And when you build trust, you build powerful business relationships that will take your business to a higher level of success.

3. Transparency frees

Company vulnerability + management accessibility = transparency. When you are transparent, you and your business are open and accessible, and your people, your customers, and the communities in which you do business will reward you with their loyalty.

4. Authenticity attracts

Instead of trying to be something or someone you're not, just be you. Authenticity attracts authentic people. Fight the lie and resist the urge to become someone else.

5. Quality speaks

Would you rather be known for producing the best quality products and services, or the worst? Would you rather be the company that everyone loves, or the one that everyone hates? Never compromise. Even if it's a painful point.

6. Generosity returns

It's true: What goes around comes around. To be authentic, generosity must be built in, not tacked on.

7. Courage sustains

Assassinate fear and create space for insane courage. The energy you release in your business will be powerful--and it will boost your bottom line in ways you never imagined possible.