Super successful people have experienced the ups and downs of life and as a result they have learned the best out of every situation. Nothing happens overnight, and certainly not for super successful people. It takes time, effort, and patience to bring your dreams and goals to reality. Giving up is not an option for super successful people and it should not be for you either.

1. They believe in themselves

Super successful people have developed greater self-confidence and self-esteem. They recognize that it all starts from within, and that believing in themselves is the fuel that propels them and motivates them to keep going in life--farther than most of us do.

2. They focus on results

Super successful people have mastered the habit of focusing on results to achieve their goals. They have experienced what is like when they focus on obstacles, they simply do not move forward that way.

3. They pick themselves up and try again when they fail

Super successful people do not set limitations on themselves because this will only hinder their success. They understand that failure is part of their journey and no matter how many times they fall, they pick themselves up and try again.

4. They are courageous

Super successful people constantly step out of their comfort zones to grow, learn, and go to the next level in life. They identify the fears within them, and build courage to face these fears before they are overcome by them.

5. They take care of themselves

Super successful people realize that one imperative thing that will help them progress is good health. They are aware that eating nutritious foods, exercising, mediating, and praying are vital keys to maintain them physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit.

6. They are committed

Super successful people have learned that being fully committed is essential to get things accomplished in life. They are consistent with what they believe and do, and will not compromise their values as a shortcut to obtain faster results.

7. They have a support system

Super successful people keep themselves surrounded with good company. They have long understood that value of a support system because having people they can count with for sound advice, encouragement and support is necessary in life.