Everyone wants to be happy. Unfortunately--for a variety of different reasons--many of us are not. At least not as often as we would like.

The 2015 World Happiness Report was recently released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. In this report you'll find much interesting information about who is happiest in the world, where, and why.

Here are 7 powerful lessons from the latest World Happiness Report that can help guide your efforts as a business leader. As you read the results of the report, think about where you can apply your time and resources to better support your people.

1. Younger people are happier than older people

And happiness continues to decline in both men and women until they hit their sixties, when the decline levels off.

2. Young women report significantly more frequent experiences of happiness than young men

They also laugh more, feel more enjoyment, and feel better rested than young men.

3. As people reach middle age, men tend to be happier than women

Although young women are happier than young men, this changes in their thirties, when men start feeling happier than women. This trend continues through the remainder of their lives.

4. Younger people laugh more and experience more enjoyment than older people

People laugh less and experience less enjoyment as they get older, with men and women experiencing roughly the same decline over time.

5. Levels of enjoyment are much higher for men than women over the age of 50

By the time they reach their fifties, enjoyment levels are generally significantly greater for men than for women. In addition, men of every age have the advantage over women in reporting that they have "learned or done something interesting yesterday."

6. Both men and women worry more as they age

However, men tend to worry less beginning at about age 50, while women continue to worry more.

7. Chances are you don't live in one of the top-10 happiest countries

The top-10 happiest countries--in order--are:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Iceland
  3. Denmark
  4. Norway
  5. Canada
  6. Finland
  7. Netherlands
  8. Sweden
  9. New Zealand
  10. Australia