Need a rapid-fire self-esteem boost in the next five minutes? While we all know that true inner confidence takes time and practice, sometimes we just need something with immediate effects. Here are seven ways to instantly build your confidence that you can use anytime, anyplace.

1. Pay attention to your posture

Stand or sit up straight. Flatten out your lower back. Let your shoulders fall down broadly by your sides. Even if you don't have enough time to change anything else about your appearance, shifting your posture is enough to make a huge difference.

2. Smile

Our brains are wired in an interesting feedback cycle that allows us to tell our muscles what to do--but it's also a cycle that reacts based on what our muscles actually do themselves. If we do something that is associated with an emotion, the action itself will somehow trigger the same emotion in our brains.

3. Give yourself a pep talk

Pep talks can feel forced, especially if you're giving one to yourself. There is, however, a method to the madness: Telling yourself you're great is an easy way to remind yourself you are. Go through some of the positive qualities you value most about who you are. You'll feel like a million bucks in a couple seconds.

4. Think about the worst outcome

It can be enough to just prepare ourselves for the worst possible outcome. When you realize that even the most disappointing result will be one you can push through, your fear will immediately subside.

5. Primp

Spend a couple minutes making sure your best outward appearance reflects your best inner one. When you feel like you look ready, you feel ready. Period. Take a couple extra minutes in front of the mirror to arrange things and reassure yourself of your competence.

6. Eat something healthy

While prolonged good health comes with good, long-term eating habits, a quick bite of fresh fruit or veggies can sometimes be enough to freshen you up. If you just need to feel a little better, grab that carrot lying in the fridge. The last taste in our mouths is often reflective of how we feel--so eat something good for you.

7. Breathe

The simplest solution can be the one we forget most often. Take a deep, inward breath. Hold it for a second. And let all of your insecurities go as you exhale.