Although being selfish is a fault commonly found among many people in our lives, narcissists take their raging egos to a whole new extreme. Pathological narcissism can actually be defined by a number of factors, as it is a personality and character disorder that has been medically characterized.

What are some signs that your own boss is a narcissist? Check out these 7 signs to find out.

1. Exaggerated self-importance

While it's great to be confident, there's a fine line between being proud and boasting--and everyone can easily tell the difference. Rather than being aware of one's own limits, narcissists are grandiose, expecting to be recognized for everything, even accomplishments they did not do.

2. Obsessed with ideas of unlimited success

While we all have nice dreams, being deluded means that we are overly preoccupied with ideas of having an unlimited amount of power, success, or capacity to be brilliant. Living in your own world rather than the real one gives off the impression that you're so far from being in touch with earth at all.

3. Condescending toward others

Being obsessed with themselves, narcissists naturally feel that those who are not special or superior are automatically worthless and not worth their time or attention. Thus, they think that the only opinions that matter are the ones held by people of "equal" intellectual capacity, who in the eyes of the true narcissist are actually quite rare.

4. Constantly asking for praise

When narcissists are unsure of themselves--or sometimes, even when they aren't--they constantly seek validation from others. They thrive off the praise of other people and need it as fuel to survive, or to think that their own work is at all-important.

5. Displays a feeling of entitlement

Entitlement has become important in today's landscape, partially because it shows up incessantly in everything we do. People who are entitled believe that they can do anything they want to, that getting their way is the only kind of acceptable solution.

6. Takes advantage of others

A person who uses others for their own self-advancement has no regard for the feelings or well-being of anyone. Narcissists will use you for your skills and then dispose of you afterward, without a single ounce of remorse.

7. Lacks empathy

Empathy is the basic ability to understand and respond well to the emotions of others. When someone is not able to access empathy, they subsequently do not how to address others' emotions. Or, worse yet, they simply don't care. If your boss is lacking in empathy, that's a sure sign he's actually a closeted narcissist.