For some reason, many employees think they're doing you a big favor by gracing you with their presence each day on the job--whether they're actually contributing value to your organization. In my experience, it's the negative ones who think they're doing you the biggest favor, and often they're the ones who are contributing the least. In fact, instead of adding energy to the organization, they often take it away.

If you've got negative employees, and you've been unsuccessful in getting them to adjust their attitudes, then you really have no other choice than to fire them. Remember this important rule of thumb: Hire slow, and fire fast.

Here are 7 negative employees who you need to get rid of as soon as you can.

1. The one who everyone else complains about

When several employees are complaining about a particular coworker, there's a good chance you've got a negative employee on your hands. Instead of ignoring the complaints, check them out--and then take action if necessary.

2. The one who is clearly unhappy

Unhappy employees aren't good for you, your business, your customers, or anyone else. They make everyone around them unhappy, too, and that's bad for your business. Help them find happiness by getting them out of your business and on to new opportunities as quickly as possible.

3. The one who constantly yells or loses their temper with clients and co-workers

This kind of negative behavior is simply not acceptable. Show employees who can't control their temper the door.

4. The one who pushes his or her problems off on everyone else

Some people are masters at getting others to do their work for them. This is the employee who constantly complains about being overworked, yet actually accomplishes very little each day. Set measurable goals, and if your negative employee isn't meeting them, then it's time to take action.

5. The one who always takes meetings off track

You know the one--the employee who seems to love nothing more than talking about anything else in a meeting besides whatever is on your agenda. Don't allow negative employees to ruin your meetings.

6. The one who says, "That's not my job," or "This is stupid"

An employee who consistently demonstrates this kind of attitude is not an employee who deserves a job--certainly not in your business.

7. The one who says, "Oh well, that's their problem"

There should never be a job or situation at work that is someone else's problem. Even if something crosses someone's desk that they normally don't handle, they should always take the responsibility to find the right person to handle it as efficiently and effectively as possible.