According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, at least 35 percent of the American work force participants are millennials, making them the largest segment in the US labor force. This means as time goes by, you'll be seeing more and more of this generation in your professional working environment.

If you think this is a bad thing, you may have been wrongly assuming this internet-savvy generation is merely a group of lazy and entitled kids, addicted to social media. What you might not realize, however, is that a millennial in the workplace can be a tremendous asset.

Here are seven ways millennials are more successful at work.

1. They are flexible.

Millennials aren't afraid of change--in fact, they're friends with it. In an ever-changing professional world, millennials know how to adapt, roll with the punches, and work against stagnation. As Roman Debotch, CEO and owner of Black Excellence, explains, millennials are "more flexible with crazy work hours [than generations previous]," particularly in the world of startups. No set schedule? For a millennial, that's no problem. 

2. They're highly resourceful.

What any millennial lacks in professional experience they make up for in eagerness and resourcefulness. In the pursuit of learning new skills and gaining new experiences, millennials are willing to wear multiple hats to get the job done.

3. They constantly work on improving themselves. 

Sixty-five percent of millennials say personal development is the most important factor in their careers. This generation is hungry for personal growth, and this intrinsic motivation makes them incredible workers.

4. They crave feedback.

According to a study conducted by Viacom, this generation doesn't shy from feedback or constructive criticism--in fact, they welcome it. As many as 80 percent of Generation Y members report that they would like to receive regular feedback from managers. Steve Wang, human resources professional, says millennials "arguably handle criticism better than anyone else because they respect everyone else's opinions--even if it's against their own."

5. They're tenacious.

You may know millennials as seekers of instant gratification, impatient, and wanting a lot right away. What this ultimately means is millennials are tenacious and perseverant workers, who strive to locate solutions and task completion as quickly as they can.

6. They are technologically proficient.

They may be online often, but a millennial's technological prowess provides massive and obvious advantages in the workplace. Don't worry if you think tech-savvy millennials are unable to get off their phones--they know how to be physically present in the workplace. "While millennials are indeed tech savvy and social-media hungry, they grew up in this fast-paced environment," Wang explains. "Which means they're used to having to make this distinction between what's personal and what's work."

7. They seek meaning.

Conventional measures of happiness are typically less interesting to millennials, who instead seek out experiences that align with their values and purpose. "Millennials are passionate, ambitious, and are extremely driven by a sense of purpose," says CEO and co-founder of, Adrian Ridner. Millennials want to make a positive impact in the world, and it is this kind of desire that will benefit an organization that lacks this kind of passion or spark.