Many studies have proven that popularity is linked to greater happiness in life, and believe it or not, greater earning power. In fact, the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study reported that popular people earned 2 percent more money than their less-popular peers.

In addition to their tenacity for success and generally fuzzy-good feelings about life, popular people are well respected and typically are the go-to sources for advice and friendship. Simply put, people just want to be around and be friends with popular people.

Clearly being popular has its advantages.

So even if you weren't in the popular group in high school, it's not too late to get your popularity mojo on! Here are seven things the truly popular do naturally every day that enables them to continue their successful and happy journey.

1. They are authentic

Popular people don't try to be popular, they just are. They allow their true authentic selves to shine, unprotected by fake words, insincerity, and trumped-up body language. Don't waste time trying to be someone you're not. Show your spontaneity and let your true self speak out.

2. They give of themselves

They tend to be considerate of and helpful to others, and always listen to what others have to say. They tend to be very social (both in person and on social media) and are supportive of all, not just a select few.

3. They take care of themselves

I know, you've heard this one before. But, the truth is, the majority of popular people take care of their bodies and minds. They exercise regularly and tend to make a lot of healthy eating choices. They are much more likely to practice meditation and yoga, and they are always looking for ways to improve their quality of life, and the quality of life of those they work with.

4. They are resilient and forgiving

Bad things happen to popular people just like the rest of us. The difference is, popular people tend to be much more resilient and forgiving, and they learn from their negative experiences as opposed to those struggling with popularity who have a harder time letting the bad stuff go, ultimately alienating everyone around them.

5. They don't preach to the choir

There is nothing worse than being bombarded by someone's unwanted advice or beliefs. No wonder these people are typically not popular. And, being corrected constantly by another is irritating to say the least. Popular people live their lives with honesty and integrity and set an example for others by doing, instead of boasting about themselves or complaining.

6. They leave their egos at the door

Boosting their ego is not something popular people seek--they understand that their actions speak much louder than words. They would much rather spend their time offering kudos to others, and they are just genuinely good people.

7. They enjoy life

Popular people find humor in life and tend to see the silver lining when things go wrong. They smile and laugh freely and share their humor openly with their friends.