While there are a million articles floating around that discuss millennials in the workforce--and how they do or don't thrive in it--there are rarely articles that discuss how millennials shape their lives in their time off.

How, then, are today's most successful millennials able to maintain their work-life balance in the face of so many competing demands on their time? Read on to find out.

1. They take time to exercise

Even though all of us try to incorporate physical activity into our daily routines, millennials have got the system down pat. They understand the impact working out has on our moods, and make good use of that much needed dopamine release.

2. They learn new things

We think sometimes that an old dog can't learn new tricks, but it's never really the case. Millennials--and their insatiable need for innovation--leave them always yearning for the next new things. And, often, that means being open to learning whatever that may be themselves.

3. They spend time with friends and loved ones

Making time for family and friends--without technology involved--is a huge part of remaining sane in our digital age.

4. They make time for introspection

Real self-growth can't ever occur without deep introspection. It takes people to be alone, completely by themselves, and a lot of looking inward to be able to think about the successes and accomplishments they're proud of, as well as the faults they'd like to improve on. Leaving time for reflection is incredibly important for productive emotional growth.

5. They master a skill

While being the jack of all trades can be fun, or even necessary in certain aspects of life, there's something to be said about being able to call one trade yours--and excel in it. Millennials find theirs early on, and rapidly develop it.

6. They escape into nature

Past thinkers like Thoreau used to say that the only way we can connect with our true selves is by escaping into uninterrupted nature. Hikes, camping, multi-day music festivals, road trips, and many other ways of delving into the natural world are priceless for millennials.

7. They travel

Journeying somewhere you're not comfortable, to learn something new about a new culture and people, is one of the easiest ways to spur rapid self-growth. Successful millennials know that and take advantage of every opportunity to embark on a new adventure.