New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has led his team to a record five Super Bowl victories, and on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, he is poised to set a new record of six. And, given that this 41-year-old football player wants to keep playing until he's 45, he may set a few more Super Bowl records before he calls it quits.

In addition to winning five Super Bowls, Brady has racked up numerous other notable records, including:

  • Most Super Bowl passing yards (2,576)
  • Most Super Bowl touchdown passes (18)
  • Most Super Bowl MVPs (4)
  • Most Super Bowl appearances (9)
  • Most passing yards in the regular season and playoffs (81,431)

In addition to being perhaps the greatest football player of all time -- certainly the greatest quarterback -- Brady is a remarkably effective leader. Here are seven leadership traits that have made him so successful in his long and fabled career:

1. He exudes confidence.

Brady is the master of making comebacks. When the team's down and almost out, the star quarterback always seems to find a way to win. How? Brady's confidence in his abilities and the abilities of his teammates surely plays a part. Often, when the leader exudes confidence, the team does too.

2. He's cool under fire.

While Brady used to have an explosive temper on the field, he's calmed down quite a bit as he's matured as a player. When you keep your cool as a leader, you can make better and more thoughtful decisions.

3. He knows the competition.

Brady is well known for doing his homework -- he thoroughly studies the opposing team and runs through their strategies before every game. This preparation gives him an edge over the competition.

4. He's a great communicator.

Brady has a real talent for reading the other team's defensive formations and intent and then adapting his offense to them. However, he also has a talent for communicating the changes to his teammates quickly and accurately -- a skill that translates to the dynamic business landscape as well.

5. He works hard.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to success -- you've got to put in the work. As Brady once said, "I just love working hard. I love being part of a team; I love working toward a common goal."

6. He takes full responsibility.

Brady routinely takes personal responsibility for his actions, as well as the actions of his team. Remaining transparent and continuing to provide great leadership is a key quality of truly great leaders.

7. He takes time to recharge his batteries.

When you work hard for your success, you've got to take time away from work (or in Brady's case, the playing field) to recharge your batteries -- even if it's just a good night's sleep. Says Brady, "Proper sleep has helped me get to where I am today as an athlete, and it is something that I continue to rely on every day."