As someone once told me, there are people--and there are people. And there are those you are meant to keep in your life--and those who do absolutely nothing but make it worse. Wondering which those happen to be? You may already have a feeling who the toxic people are in your life, but let's take a closer look at seven who you should get out of your life right now.

1. The one who brings you down

We all know this work colleague or friend. It's the person who's always putting you down just to make themselves feel better. It's not necessarily that this person excessively complains, or that they are in a bad mood themselves. It's more than they need you to feel bad about yourself in order for them to feel better.

2. The one who doesn't listen

We've all known someone who has an incredibly interesting life and can spin a magical tale out of almost any encounter. These people are great for entertainment and company--unless they never hear a word you say. If you've known them for half a decade and they still forget your name, you need to let this person go.

3. The one who doesn't have fun

To have fun, sometimes you've got to take risks. If someone in your life is always trying to prevent you from taking risks--and having fun--you should consider spending less time with them. Their terminal rationality could be why you're not enjoying things.

4. The one who falls in love every day

People who are always in and out of relationships are naturally surrounded by drama. It can be fun early on to partake in the stories and keep up with things, but if he or she doesn't seem keen on resolving any of the turmoil, you should consider moving on yourself.

5. The one who you compete with

There are many people we keep around us simply because of similar interests. It's important, however, to draw the line between interests and competition. You should support your co-workers, and they should support you.

6. The one who got away

Often, we keep old flames as friends because we can't bear the thought of properly losing a love that didn't feel full. For both our sakes--and the sake of those around us--we have to let these people go.

7. The one who keeps you in the past

If you can't change with someone, that someone is going to hold you back and keep you in the past. It's as simple as that. Spend your present with those you can see a future with. That way, you'll be able to move forward with your life instead of always being stuck in the past.