Are you always on the move for your job? Or maybe travel is a regular occurrence for you, whether or not you're a frequent business traveler? If so, there are always a few things you could be doing in preparation--or while you're on the trip--that will make it more enjoyable, despite the fact that travel itineraries can often be jam-packed and stressful.

The 7 travel hacks that follow have been tested by business travelers all around the world. Give them a try and see if your next trip isn't less stressful, and more enjoyable.

1. Fly with consistent airline partners

The only way to rack up enough mileage points to get upgrades is by flying with the same airline (or their partners) over and over again. Luckily, however, many airlines have a large number of partners--particularly international partners--so this might be easier done than you think.

2. Use those incognito windows

It's no secret that airlines practice dynamic pricing, that is, they jack up the price of tickets when demand increases. So, contrary to what you may believe, refreshing a page a million times might actually make the price go up--not down. If you've been going back and forth about a flight for a while, use an incognito window or clear the cookies.

3. Have a go-to bag of toiletries

Instead of assembling your toiletries bag an hour before you're supposed to catch your flight, keep a pre-filled bag ready to go at all times. Forgoing the need to pack one every time you head to the airport saves a bit of time and a ton of headache.

4. Pick a squishable carry-on

Although the little rollers are a favorite with the jet-set crowd, a carry-on that can be stuffed anywhere is much less likely to be taken and checked at the gate. Also be sure to find a carry-on that fits every airline's size--and weight--requirements.

5. Link a credit card with travel

Lots of credit card companies offer benefits that come with meeting a certain point limit, as well as with travelling overseas. Check your own credit cards to see the rewards you may have been missing out on.

6. Eat right even while you're on the road

While airplane food can be tempting due to convenience, it's rarely all that great for you. Make an active effort to continue eating well on your business trip even if that means forgoing that big steak dinner (with wine!) on the corporate expense account, or two servings of dessert. Your body will thank you.

7. Enroll in TSA Pre or Global Entry

Ever wondered how some people get to slide by security without so much as taking off their shoes? Chances are, they weren't just randomly selected. Rather, they signed up for TSA Pre. TSA Pre whisks you through the security line by allowing you to keep your shoes and belt on, while Global Entry makes international immigration processes much faster and easier. Be sure to check it out.