As a leader, you are in a perfect position to move your business from good to great by unleashing the unlimited energy, dedication, and power that is already within each and every one of the members of your team.

The good news is that it isn't hard to tap into this unlimited source of employee energy--you just have to know how.

Try these nine awesome ways to unleash the power that is within your employees, and watch your people--and your organization--soar.

1. Create a clear vision

Every leader needs to create a clear vision of where you want your organization to go, and then that vision must be communicated to your people--often, and in a variety of different ways.

2. Solicit input

Ask for your employees' suggestions and ideas for improvement, and then really listen to what they tell you. Engage them in the process of implementing and following through on the best of those suggestions and ideas.

3. Monitor your work environment

Be alert to your employees' needs at work, and ensure that your work environment is conducive to your employees being able to do their best work.

4. Get out of your office

Don't get stuck in your office all the time. Regularly visit the people who work for you on their turf, and encourage and inspire them.

5. Make honesty your policy

Be honest, truthful, and transparent with the members of your team at all times. Don't sugarcoat the truth in an attempt to soften the blow of difficult news.

6. Keep your promises

If you can't keep a promise, then don't make it. If you make a promise, then do everything in your power to keep it.

7. Empower your people

The members of your team who are closest to your customer are in the best position to know what customers really want and need. Give them the power to make decisions that have a direct impact on their customers.

8. Avoid blaming others

While one of the key jobs of any leader is to ensure that employees follow through on their responsibilities and commitments, don't lash out at employees who have made a mistake, or who have failed in their duties. Instead, coach and support them to better performance.

9. Respect everyone

Employees know perfectly well when they are not respected or valued. Be the one who builds up your people instead of tearing them down.