Think you've been on Facebook so long that you know all the ins and outs? Guess again. As Internet-savvy as you may feel, there are always little tips and tricks that you probably didn't know that will simply change your life. Here are 9 essential Facebook hacks you need--but didn't even know you did.

1. Use Facebook without downloading the app

One of the most loathed aspects of the new Facebook app is that people are unable to use it without the app unnecessarily draining a bunch of your phone's battery. To avoid this, open Facebook in your mobile browser and press "Add to Home Screen" on an iPhone. It'll save the Facebook icon and load it like a normal app.

2. Send Facebook messages without the Messenger app

One of the most annoying things about opening Facebook app is that the entire messages section redirects to a download of the Messenger app. A way to avert this, however, is by beginning the download, then simply stopping it and returning to Facebook. The messages drop down should still be there.

3. Post by email

All accounts have a "post-by-email" address that can be used to post text or photos via email through this unique address. Find yours under Settings, in the Mobile section, and start sharing.

4. Disable the read receipts in messages

Some people are notoriously slow at responding to messages--or simply want time to think before responding to something important another person may have said. Few people know, however, that there's actually a way to disable these notifications.

5. Use emojis everywhere

Facebook actually allows all emojis to be shown as typed, as long as they were originally posted or sent in a message from the emoji keyboard on your phone or from a desktop extension on your computer.

6. Find friends near you

While a little creepy, Nearby Friends is an easy way of seeing if people happen to be around you, and, if so, give you the chance of potentially running into them. You can also share your location with your friends in situations where you'd rather have it tracked.

7. Use Facebook search wisely

Many people know that it's easy to search events, people, or businesses on Facebook. But next time, try something more specific, such as "People who collect books in Brooklyn." Your oddly matching results will surprise you.

8. Search older posts by friends

Few people know that you can actually search your news feed for an old post by someone you can't remember. Throw in a look for who reposted that great chocolate video in order to pick up the recipe the second time around.

9. Facebook video and audio call

Surprisingly good quality--and banned by very few WiFi networks--Facebook calls are an easy way to talk to those you care about from all over the world.