Sometimes, do you ever wish you could just walk out in the middle of meeting--especially one that feels like it's gone on for ages? Chances are, you're feeling the way you do because there's at least one person in the meeting who is being really unprofessional.

An intranet service provider by the name of Igloo surveyed 1,000 employed people to see what words and phrases irritated people in meetings the most. Here are the 9 phrases you should always avoid saying in meetings so you don't end up being "that" person.

1. Think outside the box

It might be due to the cheesy way this phrase is often used, but when it's employed in a professional setting, there's nothing more irritating than being told to "think outside the box."

2. A lot on my plate

Given that most of us are often juggling multiple responsibilities at once, it can be ingratiating to hear that someone has "a lot on their plate." Usually, it just encourages others in the group not to act.

3. Bring to the table

Asking what someone can "bring to the table" is the equivalent of asking a person what they're good for. It just doesn't sound right in real life.

4. Synergy

What actually is synergy? If it sounds too mystical to be true, it probably shouldn't be used in a meeting.

5. Rock star

The only rock stars that exist are ones on the stage. Or on your most recently purchased CD or digital download.

6. Win-win

Is there a way two people can win in business? If so, is there a better way you can describe the scenario? Because if yes, you should probably do more of that.

7. Circle back

Check back works a lot better than "circle back." Circling gives the impression of people returning to the same starting point, with little to no progress.

8. Deep dive

Unless your business is SCUBA, then a "deep dive" simply doesn't sound right in a professional context. At all.

9. Bandwidth

"Bandwidth" isn't terrible, but it definitely isn't ideal. Maybe "capacity" is a better compromise to describe when you're describing whether or not you have the resources necessary to get something done.