Anyone with a job (and that makes most of us) eventually wants to know how they can move up the ladder of success to positions of greater responsibility. Just as the world of business has undergone massive change over the past decade or two, so have the ways that you can move your career forward.

According to Paige Brown--the co-founder & CEO of Dashbell, a web-based booking solution for independent hotels--"In today's corporate world, the old rules of paying your dues at one company in one city or town no longer hold true." And these aren't the only career rules that have changed.

If you're interested in putting your career onto a higher track, then consider these 9 proven and powerful ways to jump ahead in your career right now:

1. Pick up and move

If you have the ability to move to a new city to take advantage of a greater opportunity, do it! In fact, sometimes that's what you must do in order to get ahead. According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, "a job seeker with expanded geographic bounds is likely to find employment faster."

2. Step outside your (job history) box

Your skills are not the same as your job history or your certifications. Identify growth industries and consider transitioning in order to jump ahead. Don't worry; your skills are transferable.

3. Think small

It can pay off to be a big fish in a little pond. Consider taking a job at a smaller firm where there is greater opportunity to take on more responsibilities, which can help you rise up the ladder faster.

4. Stick around long enough to actually learn something

The Millennial generation is famous for "job-hopping," and while it's true that we don't need to follow our parents' career paths, it's important to stick around at your current job long enough to learn and acquire skills. If you are jumping to a new job every month, you're not gaining the skills you need to have a real experience and truly get ahead.

5. Demonstrate your knowledge

If you are trying to promote yourself as an expert in a field, show off what you know! Blogging and (smart) posting on social media can demonstrate your knowledge. When Dashbell CEO Paige Brown was establishing herself in the travel industry, she actively blogged about her own travels to 49 countries.

6. Attend the right conferences

Find out which conferences are most important in your desired industry and find a way to attend. You won't have the time or resources to attend them all, so be selective. While some conferences can seem cost-prohibitive, be resourceful. If you can't afford to pay for a conference you really want to attend, offer to work in exchange for access.

7. Identify key mentors

Find people within and without your current company who can serve as mentors. A great way to begin is to volunteer for projects, with mentoring rather than money as your pay.

8. Volunteer your services

Consulting for no pay can seem completely at odds with getting ahead, but volunteering your services can allow you to build your skills--and your network--as you gain access to valuable career contacts.

9. Study up

You don't have to re-enroll in school, but taking courses outside of your current job can help you learn new skills to get ahead.