When making conversation at work, we often don't realize how much of an impact our words can have. Let's take a look at nine phrases that make us look unprofessional to others without our even realizing it.

1. "I'm so tired."

When we tell fellow coworkers how exhausted we are at our job, we are indirectly shedding light on the lack of enthusiasm we have for our work. Seeming dispassionate is definitely not the path to success in a workplace.

2. "Don't tell the boss."

Trying to loop your coworkers into a rebellion against authority is an immature way of dealing with workplace problems. If there's something you don't want your higher-ups to find out, keep it to yourself or come clean about your problems. Your boss--and coworkers--will thank you.

3. "Can you believe that?"

By asking someone the above phrase in an incredulous tone, it's clear that you're asking for his or her complicity in berating something or someone. Whether it's a task that must be completed, the boss, or another coworker, the phrase makes you seem irritable and quick to judge.

4. "I'm bored."

Letting others catch wind of the fact that your menial office job isn't actually what you dreamed of doing with the rest of your life is definitely not the quickest way to win people over. They say to fake it until you make it--and there's definitely a method to the madness.

5. "I'm so stressed."

Need a way to let everyone know that you may be incapable of handling your workload? Telling them you're stressed is an easy way to go about it. The feelings of losing control and drowning in what you have to do without doing it accompany being stressed. It's not a great image to present to the workplace.

6. "Trust me. I know."

Whenever this phrase is inevitably used, it is often accompanied by the immediate embarrassment of the speaker when the thing he or she is talking about does not go the way planned. Check your arrogance. Don't let people think you're closed off to the ideas of others.

7. "I just don't get how to do it."

Unfortunately, our responsibilities as humans are to adapt to whatever life throws at us and make it work. Our job in the workplace is no different. If we don't have the knowledge to perfectly complete something, we need to figure out how to learn it. Don't sit there and complain instead.

8. "Let's pretend like it didn't happen."

A willingness to look over mistakes shows a kind of complacency and carelessness that simply isn't tolerable in any workplace. Showcasing your lack of respect for doing things right can only hurt, not help you, in the end.

9. "Oh my god! Did you hear what happened to __________?"

Gossip never got us anywhere--and that certainly is no different at work. Although trying to regulate it is quite the feat, we can all try to police our mouths at the end of the day. Bosses and coworkers alike have no interest in petty drama. Spare them, and keep it to yourself.

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