Happiness is to be embraced today. Happiness is calling you now, hear her voice and wake up to the endless possibilities that this world has to offer you. The only one stopping you from being happy is yourself. -- Ivette K. Caballero

There are so many people in the world who postpone being happy. They wait to have a big house, a big bank account, and simply fill their minds with "If I only had more of this and that, then I would be happy." You can be happy starting now. You can choose to be happy regardless of the circumstances that you are going through at the moment. It may not be easy, but it is possible. With the right attitude, most things in life are within your reach.

Happiness does not come from the outside, it comes from within. Happiness does not come from having millions or billions in your bank account, nor from having the perfect body and the best looks. Happiness is an inside job; this is why it is important that you start working from within yourself to be happy. Then, once you do that, you will be truly happy and you will appreciate your life and what you have even more.

These are things that super successful people do in a daily basis to be happy.

1. They live in the present

Successful people embrace and live in the here and now. They avoid dwelling in the past and worrying about the future. They are deeply involved with the things that they are doing at the moment. They enjoy what is going in their lives right now.

2. They are kind to people

Successful people adopt kindness as a habit. They cultivate good and positive feelings in their lives. They develop strong relationships because of their kindness. They know that kindness is healthy for their minds and their overall being.

3. They dream big dreams

Successful people are very optimistic. They refrain from putting limitations on themselves because they are aware of their talents and capabilities. They are confident about their power to accomplish most of the things they desire in life.

4. They speak well of others

Successful people are highly positive. They keep from gossiping and speaking negatively about others. They focus on staying positive by building others up. They recognize that nice and positive words help them nurture a healthier lifestyle.

5. They express gratitude for what they have

Successful people harness the power of gratitude. They convey how thankful they are to others and to themselves. They realize that gratefulness is a positive energy in their lives and in the lives of others. They appreciate the smallest and simplest things in life.

6. They forgive others

Successful people let go of grudges. They avoid holding onto negative feelings and emotions that stand in their way of happiness. They forgive people who have offended them to allow themselves to fill their lives with more positive and meaningful things and people.

7. They surround themselves with happy people

Successful people choose their relationships wisely. They concentrate on adding meaningful value to their lives. They understand that being around other happy people brings more happiness. They are careful of who they let in and out of their lives.

8. They stay true to themselves

Successful people believe in themselves. They are honest and pursue their own dreams and desires. They stay true to their own hearts without ever compromising their values and beliefs. They trust themselves and their intentions are always good.

9. They are honest

Successful people are authentic with themselves and with others. They acknowledge that lying can cause tremendous damage in their personal and professional relationships. They want to live a happy life, and telling the truth is part of it; it allows them to be respected and trusted.