An employee's most important job is to bring value to an organization--when that value isn't there anymore, it's in the organization's best interest to rid itself of the wasted seat and salary.

Great employees are enthusiastic about their jobs, go the extra mile, and are team players. They bring value to their employers, their co-workers, and their customers. And they're the kind of people you--and everyone else--want to work with.

Sometimes we are not so lucky when hiring and end up with a lot more than we bargained for (in a bad way). Remember this rule of thumb: Hire slow, and fire fast. When an employee isn't performing or acting the way they should, give them an opportunity to get their act together. If they can't, then don't hesitate to let them go.

Here are nine employees who need to be fired immediately.

1. The one who says, "Oh well, that's their problem"

Really? If you have an employee who says anything close to this, you really should consider firing them--and fast. There should never be a job or situation at work that is someone else's problem. Even if something crosses someone's desk that they normally don't handle, they should always make it their problem to find the right person to handle it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2. The one who leaves work for an "appointment" as soon as the boss exits

This is the type of employee who really doesn't care about their job or their work. They're always looking for an opportunity to leave the office early, or to take advantage of the fact that the boss isn't around to see that they aren't there.

3. The one who everyone else complains about

If you have several (make that three or more) employees who complain about the same employee, there's probably a good reason behind the complaining. Instead of ignoring complaints about coworkers, really check them out. Where there's smoke there's often fire.

4. The one who is clearly unhappy

If no matter how you try, you still can't make one of your employees happy--they continue to complain about working conditions even after you provide them with their own office, or constantly complain about certain clients or coworkers--it's time to show them the door.

5. The one who always takes meetings off track

You know the one--he has a habit of becoming confrontational during meetings, throwing the agenda off track as others get drawn into the argument. If the employee isn't providing the value that he should be, then it's time to cut him loose.

6. The one who uses a company credit card to purchase personal items

And, check those expense reports closely. If personal spending continues after the employee is counseled against it, they need to go--and now.

7. The one who says, "That's not my job," or "This is stupid"

An employee who consistently demonstrates this kind of attitude is not an employee who deserves a job.

8. The one who constantly yells or loses their temper with clients and co-workers

This is not the way to conduct business in a professional way, and this employee could scare all of your customers and best employees away. If you have an employee who can't or won't control his or her temper, then you should immediately cut your losses and let them go.

9. The one who pushes his or her work off on everyone else

They are the ultimate delegator because they simply don't want to do their job. This is the employee who constantly complains about being overworked, yet actually accomplishes very little each day. If you have this kind of slacker at work, show them the door.