We all want to work for a great company -- the kind of company where our contributions are valued, where we're comfortable, and where we feel like we're making a real difference in the world. However, even the best companies can present challenges that can sap the passion and engagement right out of us.

Today, LinkedIn released a survey of more than 1,000 people to determine the most common workplace challenges that people face today. Here are the results of the survey -- are you facing any of these in your own workplace?

1. Finding work-life balance (38%)

2. Managing their workload (31%)

3. Dealing with coworkers (26%)

4. Workplace politics (25%)

5. Dealing with managers (23%)

6. Growing their career (22%)

7. Being passionate about what they do (19%)

8. Not having somebody to turn to for help (16%)

9. Equal pay/negotiating their salary (15%)

10. Answering all of their emails (13%)

If you are personally facing these or other obstacles in your workplace, it's very much in your interest to address them instead of letting them fester. If, for example, work-life balance is causing you problems, work with your boss to find solutions instead of letting burnout take charge of your life.