We all know how important making a good first impression can be. Whether you're making a sale to a customer, or pitching an idea to a prospective investor, or meeting a new colleague for the first time, the impression you make can make all the difference in the world.

So, how long do you think it takes to make a first impression? A minute? Five minutes? Fifteen?

Would you believe 27 seconds?

According to a new study of 2,000 Americans commissioned by Dollar Shave Club, that's the amount of time it takes to make a first impression -- whether it's a good or bad one. In fact, the study found that 69 percent of people form a first impression of someone before they've even had a chance to speak.

So, what are some of the things that help people make a good first impression? The study suggests the following things are particularly important:

  • Smiles
  • Polite
  • Well spoken
  • Makes eye contact
  • A good listener
  • Smells nice
  • Holds conversation well

And, according to the study, 83 percent of people report that they tend to feel more positively about someone who seems to be confident.

Conversely, people who smell bad, are arrogant, and who dress poorly most often make a bad first impression.

Remember: You only have one chance to make a first impression. Do everything you can to be sure that the first impression you make is a good one. And don't waste time doing it. You've only got 27 seconds, and the clock is ticking...