In our obsessive digital age, it comes as no surprise that we're as email obsessed as ever. Many of us will refresh our inbox seconds before we go to bed; some of us click on our Gmail app before we even get to our text messages every morning.

Regardless of how plugged in to the real world we might like to think we are, we all fall prey to the perceived efficiency of communication we experience via email--both professionally and personally.

Adobe's new study, however, show that younger people--those between ages 18 and 34--have let email infiltrate into every part of their lives, no matter how removed from work they may seem.

Read on to find out all the crazy places we're bringing email in 2017--in reverse order, from #12 to #1--and don't be surprised if some of them aren't exactly what you expected.

12. At a formal ceremony

6% of people surveyed reported refreshing their inbox at a formal ceremony--places like weddings, for instance--despite concerns about politeness.

11. While driving

Texting and driving is a big no-no, but 14% of survey respondents bypassed the rule by checking their email instead it seems.

10. While working out

As bizarre as this may seem, 16% of respondents reported that they refreshed their mailbox while on the elliptical or doing some crunches--which could be borderline obsessive, if you ask me.

9. While in a face-to-face conversation

Even though who we're talking to might not be the most interesting person in the world, it's generally considered rude to be on our phones while having a conversation--especially if it's to check your email. But, alas, 18% of people feel otherwise.

8. While commuting to/from work

32% of people routinely check their email while in transit to and from work, which makes sense considering that they might be getting a jumpstart on their day or tying up some loose ends.

7. During a meal with others

32% of respondents have refreshed their inbox while sharing a meal with another person--a traditionally intimate, social activity.

6. While walking

We could all use some more stimulation while jaunting down the street, and 34% of those surveyed--who check their email while doing so--definitely agree.

5. While on the phone

Speakerphone exists for a reason, right? Going hands free means you can do all sorts of things while talking to someone. For 38% of those asked, that means checking your email.

4. While in the bathroom.

43% of people check their email while in the bathroom, a place where people evidently seek mental stimulation.

3. While on vacation

Oddly enough, 46% of respondents mention checking email while on vacation--effectively turning their PTO into time they're still thinking about work.

2. While in bed

Not even the sleeping place is sacred for avid email checkers--which, since it was 54% of people surveyed, appears to be the majority of us.

1. While watching TV

As proof that TV was never meant to be that mentally stimulating, 69% of respondents said they checked their email while watching their favorite shows.