If you're after a position at a great company--perhaps one that will allow you to land your dream job--you will no doubt have to put your best foot forward during the entire recruitment process. Not only that, but you'll have to do so while potentially competing with hundreds of other applicants.

What to do?

If you think you have what it takes, make sure your résumé can back you up. Here's what career experts from Amazon--which receives tens of thousands of applications in one day--say your résumé should always have.

1. Showcased successes and wins.

Simply listing the job requirements of your past positions is easy, but it's not enough. Recruiters and hiring managers will want to see if you have made any serious achievements in your past work. Demonstrate all your relevant accomplishments in your résumé--don't hold back!

2. A clean format without typos.

Make sure your résumé is typo-free and well-formatted. A confusing or disorganized résumé, or one filled with errors, will hinder your success. Recruiters will find it difficult to learn about your past experiences and successes, and they won't be impressed with your lack of attention to detail. "Say you're a developer," says Ryan, a recruiter at Amazon for more than three years. "If your résumé has mistakes, it makes me wonder--and definitely hiring managers--how clean your code is."

3. Relevant values.

Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles play a big role in the company's hiring process--they are ingrained within everything, from interviews to new projects. Research the values of the company you want to join, and then make sure you and your résumé are aligned with them. If you don't mention your values outright on your résumé, the past work you list should indirectly communicate your values.

4. Qualifications that are preferred.

It sounds like an obvious task, but read the job description. If you meet the job's basic qualifications, find ways to express that in your résumé. If you make it clear you also have the job's preferred qualifications, then your résumé will be a hit.

5. Revealed skillset.

One former recruiting associate at Amazon says that hiring managers are increasingly choosing applicants with a specific skillset over others who can do multiple tasks somewhat well. Says Ray, "There needs to a core strength that you have that you really want to contribute to the team's mission." His advice to most people is to be intentional--make it clear in your résumé, cover letter, and interview that you know exactly what you want to do at the company.