It's rare to find someone with too much confidence. In general, confidence is definitely one of those traits that is lacking in people--everyone wants to be self-confident, but not everyone knows how.

For Harvard psychologist, Amy Cuddy, however, the missing link is clear. According to Cuddy, most don't realize how much of a connection lies between the body and the brain. While confidence--especially long-lasting, stable self-worth--is something that ultimately comes from self-acceptance, it's been found time and again that the way we move our bodies ultimately determines the way we perceive ourselves as well.

In a TED Talk, Cuddy proposed the idea that striking a "Superman" style power pose--with our legs far apart and back erect--could actually alter the hormonal and chemical composition in our brains in order for us to feel stronger, less stressed, and more confident. Physically taking a wider stance has been shown to fall in line with the idea of "taking up more space" unapologetically--a useful skill to practice for people who often feel like they are asked to make themselves small.

When you strike a confident power pose as Amy Cuddy suggests, your brain receives feedback that it should believe it is more confident, even though nothing in your body has changed. Although Cuddy's suggestion about altering body language is a temporary fix for chronically decreased self-esteem, it's definitely a quick and easy way to boost your confidence--anytime, anyplace.

And although one of Amy's co-authors recently backed off on her former enthusiasm for the power of power poses, I do know from personal experience that when you project confidence to the world around you, you feel confident inside.

So, next time you feel a little bit low on self-confidence, gather up your stray things, put your chin up, and spread your legs wider than your shoulder blades. It'll reassure that, yes, looking confident is half the battle. And once you look confident, then people will think you are--and so will you.

Check out Amy's TED talk below to find out more about power poses and how they can boost your confidence.