I've got to admit that until a few days ago, I had no idea what Bird Box is. However, as you may already be aware, Netflix says that more than 45 million accounts (likely representing far more than 45 million people) watched the horror film in the first week of its release.

You may also know (which I did not until today) that there's such a thing as the Bird Box Challenge. In essence, the challenge involves putting on a blindfold and navigating your environment blind. As it turns out, while many people have had a lot of fun doing the challenge, some people are (no big surprise, given the rules of the challenge) getting hurt.

Yesterday, Netflix tweeted an urgent warning to the public to stop getting hurt doing the Bird Box Challenge. According to the tweet:

I watched a handful of online videos of people doing the challenge, and mostly they're funny. However, a couple of them were not. In one, the driver of a car pulled his hat over his eyes while he drove down the road. In another, a mom and dad accidentally slammed their toddler (everyone was wearing blindfolds) into the wall as they ran through an open door.

Clearly, like everything in life, some people have taken the challenge too far. Unfortunately, the Bird Box Challenge fad is just getting started, and I think it will be months before it runs its course. Until then, expect to see some pretty funny (and sometimes scary) videos as a result.

Who knows? Maybe even you will take the challenge. If you do, I hope you'll heed the Netflix warning.