As a leader, you have the opportunity to directly and positively influence the success of not just your organization, but also the people who work for you. One of the hallmarks of successful leaders is that they are genuinely concerned about their people's personal growth and success. Think carefully about changes you can make in these five areas, and you'll see fast results in how your employees respond to your leadership. 

1. Accept the challenge

Great leaders embrace the challenge of leadership. They understand it is a way of life, not a box to check off on the way to the top, and they sincerely want to work with people and help their organizations succeed. This may sound simple enough, but it is not always so easy. To work with people, you must constantly put into practice superior interpersonal and social skills--your job is to motivate, support and remove obstacles so employees can do their jobs. 

2. Skip fixes that don't stick

Great leaders do not rely on gimmicks or quick fixes to overcome challenges to their organizations--they consider themselves life-long learners, and they constantly put into practice methods intended to facilitate productivity. They are always looking for ways to help employees improve their productivity and ability to get results. Instead of relying on tips and tricks, be a life-long learner. The key is to keep learning and evolving. Expose yourself to new ideas and discover what works for you as a leader by putting these ideas into practice.

3. Partner with your employees

Great leaders continually cultivate partnerships with their employees, working alongside their people to simultaneously meet  objectives and help the employees grow. Build a successful partnership with your employees with good two-way communication and a sound understanding of goals. When possible, offer employees more responsibility in the partnership. Communicate with your employees, provide them with the support they need for success and work with them to make great things happen.

4. Establish two-way trust

Great leaders build and maintain open and honest communication with their employees. Encourage employees to communicate constructively among themselves and with management. This promotes two-way trust and an environment in which people feel empowered to speak out when challenged or frustrated. Without the fear of reprimand, employees can celebrate as a group when things are going well and feel confident to seek out solutions when challenged. 

5. Be open to new ideas

Great leaders listen to their employees' ideas. When people feel valued and trusted, they create and innovate. Take the time to listen to them, as someone may discover a solution to a long-standing issue or challenge a long-standing assumption. Today's business environment often requires entrepreneurs and executives to do more with less. Tighter budgets, fewer employees and demands for quick returns on investments are challenges to most organizations. Use technology and tools creatively and efficiently, but don't overlook the potential of one of your greatest assets: your employees. Be open to their ideas and implement them when it makes sense.

You can be a better leader--starting today. What are you waiting for?