Today's organizations and companies know they have to work extra hard to attract and retain the best candidates for employment. Not only do businesses have to offer fair and reasonable compensation, but, these days, employers have to propose workplace perks that are particularly inviting and exciting.

Younger pools of job applicants are becoming less and less impressed by traditional HR benefits. Certain office perks are now even becoming standard practice for some businesses.

Flexible work hours? Expected.

Free catered food for employees? Not a new thing.

Getting paid to go on dates? Now we're talking.

Starting this month, dating app startup Hinge is offering employees $200 every month to go on dates, in what may be the most unique and bold office perk ever.

Jean-Marie McGrath, Hinge's Director of Communications, states that Hinge's goal is to get members out on great dates because she says it's important that company mission and company culture align. Hinge is "urging employees to build healthy relationships outside the office and then share their fun, unique experiences with [their] members."

The "dating stipend" can be used across the US, and is available to all who work at Hinge, single or non-single. Hinge employees, after finding unique and unusual date spots in New York City, will then leave reviews on Hinge for members to read and consider for future dating endeavors.

The "Great Dates" program will offer Hinge members a curated list of date recommendations, while giving Hinge employees unforgettable date experiences.

Let's remember: Coffee dates are now a snooze. Dinner and a movie is as unoriginal as you can get.

Need new date ideas? Wondering what this office perk pays for? Some dates Hinge employees have planned for this month include renting a foster puppy for the day and giving it an incredible meal, as well as trapeze lessons at Chelsea Piers, followed by drinks at the Highlight Hotel.

McGrath says Hinge hopes this program will "encourage a healthy work/life balance at Hinge, and at the same time, help set our members up for success." That may be true, but one other thing is also clear: Hinge has upped the ante when it comes to office perks.