No, I'm not talking about reading that inbox full of emails, I'm not talking about creating more spreadsheets, and I'm definitely not talking about scheduling more meetings. There's something much more important you are doing right this very second that will boost your productivity...


Breathing correctly is a simple strategy that can be the key to a better workflow. The best part is you have already breathed your whole life so you don't need to learn a brand new skill -- you may just need to modify what you are already doing.

Incorrect breathing can drain you of the energy you need to complete important office projects and tasks. But if you breathe properly, you will find yourself improving energy levels, increasing your emotional resilience and even clearing your head mentally. Breathing the right way will reduce anxiety and stress, as it increases the amount of oxygen available in the blood stream for better brain function.

You may have heard that a number of major companies are giving employees health-related perks such as meditation sessions at work. Benefits like these make it clear that many higher-ups are starting to realize that the journey to success is by way of investing in your employees' wellness.

But in case you don't have the health support of your employer in the form of free yoga classes, for example, you can take things into your own hands.

Train yourself to breathe steadily, in order to attain a rhythmic breathing technique. For one minute, inhale for a count of two seconds, then exhale for a count of three. You can even build up the three count to a five count, making sure your breathing is comfortable and tension-free.

Take it a step further and learn to breath deeply in order to sharpen your focus. This simply means breathing less with your chest and more with your diaphragm.

To see if you are breathing correctly, put your right hand over your chest, and your left hand over your navel. Breathe normally and notice which hand is moving -- if it's your left, and your belly is moving, then you are breathing properly. If your right hand is moving, your breathing may be shallow which will increase fatigue and anxiety. As you inhale, draw air deep into the lower part of your abdomen, then exhale steadily and slowly.

Simply breathing may initially seem inconsequential -- however, if done properly, it can have major positive effects on your everyday work life, career, and health. The best part? You can get on track toward focused success in only a few seconds.