What is the one thing that could ruin your chances of getting hired before a hiring manager even has a chance to interview you?

That one thing is a resume that doesn't convey your best self.

Remember: You only have one chance to make a first impression. And that's especially true when it comes to your resume. Researchers have found that roughly 40 percent of hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds reviewing a resume, and 25 percent spend less than 30 seconds on each resume.

If you think your resume could use a tune-up, here are some ways to keep it looking fresh and up to date.

Update your email address.

According to career expert Alexandra Levit, the chairman of DeVry University's Career Advisory Board, it may be your own email address that is damaging your job prospects.

If you're using an AOL or Hotmail email address, Levit says, you are signaling to employers that you might not care too much about the application process, or take it that seriously. These outdated accounts will have hiring managers thinking you are not up to speed, and that you exercise outdated practices in the professional setting.

Choose an email account that shows you can keep up with the times. Levit explains that when Google's G Suite was launched in 2006, a new email gold standard came onto the scene. Today, a Gmail account (or even an Outlook account) is an acceptable account to have and put down on your resume.

Show your online presence.

Potential employers want to know that you are social media savvy. Include links to your website, blog, or social media accounts--just make sure the content on these sites make you look professional and not like a full-time party animal. After all, a recent study by the Society For Human Resource Management found that 84 percent of employers recruit via social media. Plus, 43 percent of employers screen job candidates through social networks and search engines.


Is your resume difficult to read because it lacks structure or is a hot mess? Organize your resume in ways that make sense to the reader and make sure all professional experiences that you list are relevant and recent. There are lots of resume templates available online for free--they're just a click away.

Polish your content and keep it in check.

Make your resume shine with words that show variety and an understanding of the position you're applying for. Then, make sure your messaging is consistent across your entire online presence, from social media to your LinkedIn.

The job application process is hard enough as it is. But if you give your resume the time and attention it deserves, you'll be greatly improving your chances of landing the job of your dreams.