While the most effective way of regaining mental clarity is simply by getting away from our stressful daily lives for a quick physical break, sometimes we can't afford to drop everything and go.

For those really overwhelming times--when you feel like you just can't hold it together for much longer--here are 5 ways to find a bit of inner peace on the go.

1. Breathe

I know that everyone recommends stopping for a moment to take a deep breath collect yourself, but it really does work. Take 10, maybe 15 seconds to close your eyes and ignore the rest of the world for just a moment. Focus on nothing but your breath. At the end of your short timeout, you might be surprised by how much better you feel.

2. Put effort into those you value

When we're consumed with work, those we love can get lost in the shuffle. Reach out to the people who make you feel great about yourself. It's a small way of reminding yourself you care about others as much as you care about yourself.

3. Drink water

While water's the easiest thing to forget about when we're super busy at work, there's a huge difference in our bodies when we're hydrated and when we're not. Keep sipping on water throughout the day so that you remind yourself, each time, that you're taking a moment for yourself.

4. Spend an hour by yourself

While a lot of us get energy from being with people, it can be difficult sometimes to feel grounded if can't get away every once in a while. Finding a quiet spot for an hour or two, away from your coworkers--to think up new ideas, respond to emails, or to gain some inspiration on a difficult task--is valuable and necessary, and not at all unproductive.

5. Make time for a real meal

Instead of eating on the run--sometimes, we do this literally while walking from one meeting to the next--it is definitely far more beneficial to our emotional state to take some time to sit down and eat a real meal. You can choose either to eat alone or with your coworkers.