While I am personally far beyond my first quarter-life milestone, many millions of people are currently in that particular neighborhood, and they're wondering exactly what it is that they should be doing with the rest of their lives.

A few weeks ago, entrepreneur Avi Loren Fox sent me a link to an interesting website: The Quarter-Life Breakthrough--a guide for millennials to find meaningful work. While we all want to feel like our work has meaning and purpose, no matter how old we are, this is especially the case for millennials. In his book by the same name, Adam Poswolsky provides a framework for inventing your own path, finding meaningful work, and building a life that matters.

On his website, Poswolsky provides a variety of resources that you can use to get started on your own quarter-life breakthrough. One I found particularly interesting is a handy goal map that can help anyone find the meaning and purpose in work that they're looking for.

The goal map poses certain questions that we either haven't thought of before, or have just never taken the time to evaluate. For starters, participants are asked to define what they find to be "meaningful work," which doesn't necessarily correlate with the work that they do every day. People are also asked to share their "purpose" and current "most intimidating task" that they're being forced to face.

Insightful questions like these are able to prod deeper than normal into our mundane thinking; they're able to help us see what actually matters to us, what makes us happy. And it tells us, once we know these things, how to go about getting them in our lives.

The most remarkable part of the map is its goal-setting section, where participants are able to write down specific changes they'll make in order to get on the right path in life. People are asked to list friends they can rely on for support in difficult times, an "accountability buddy," as well as a "weekly self-love ritual" to practice without fail.

While at the end of the day, nobody is really able to hold anyone accountable for anything except ourselves, having your deepest, innermost thoughts listed on a piece of paper to tangibly hold is definitely a major incentive.

When things are hectic, crazy, and too busy for us to keep up with, it's so easy to feel like you're drowning and overwhelmed, flailing all around for any kind of support to grab onto. Yet, the thing that this Quarter-Life Breakthrough goal map reminds us of the most is exactly how capable we are of finding this inner peace within ourselves.

We all possess the capabilities to make it through the most turbulent of storms. Sometimes, we just need something to remind us of that.