To feel in good spirits all the time is quite the impossible feat. None of us are immune to days where we feel low, whether it's because of stress, sudden life changes, or feeling like our energy reserves are low.

But for many, these kinds of days are rarely individual one-offs, and exist in droves. In fact, low days can occur frequently for those with low self-esteem, harsh inner critics, and shame.

When great things show up on our doorstep -- relationships, job opportunities, or even hard-earned successes -- we can block these things from growing to their full potential if we secretly feel unworthy.

Constantly trying to measure up to unrealistic expectations others have for us (or that we have for ourselves) can leave us feeling undeserving of achievements. If you want to get back on track to feeling better about yourself, you must first acknowledge all that you are feeling. Identifying this problem of unworthiness is not the same thing as giving into it. In fact, doing so eliminates its power!

To move fast feeling unworthy in order to receive the good things you deserve, consider enlisting your friends for support. Ultimately you will be doing the work, but they can lend you encouragement, help with a plan of action, and can provide additional emotional help when you need it during times when you feel weak.

There are many steps you can take to feel worthy again, but one last action you can take is to be genuinely proud of who you are, what you can do, and where you have already improved. It's massively important to remind yourself of the things that make you talented, strong, compassionate, and more.

Restoring self-worth is a journey that may have its own challenges, but at the same time, it will be full of successes as well. Once this worthiness is rebuilt, those great things that show up on your doorstep will find, this time, an open door and a welcoming home.

Published on: Mar 13, 2018