Way back when I was in high school, I enjoyed making all sorts of flammable chemical concoctions -- then testing them out in my backyard. This was back in the days when the necessary ingredients were easy to buy in any drugstore or grocery store. I was lucky that the byproduct of my experiments was generally just a lot of smoke, and I didn't burn down my house.

So, the firestarter inside me was very interested to learn that Elon Musk is actually selling real, live flamethrowers online at a price of $500 each by way of one of the businesses he founded, The Boring Company. Perhaps it's no surprise that Elon's flamethrowers are a big hit -- they went on sale just a few days ago, and so far he has sold 10,000 of them, or $5,000,000 worth. According to reports, production will be limited to a total of 20,000 units and the flamethrowers will start shipping in the spring.

If I was still 16 years old, I suspect I would be pooling every dollar I could by mowing lawns and working the night shift at McDonald's to buy one of these contraptions.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do with this thing?

While I can think of a few possibilities (lighting my fireplace or barbecue come to mind), Elon has a few suggestions of his own. These include livening up parties, roasting nuts, and self-defense in the coming zombie apocalypse (no, I did not make that up).

And in case things get out of control, The Boring Company also conveniently sells a fire extinguisher that comes with "a cool sticker" for $30.

But, of course the government is not too hot on Musk's latest product idea. California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago was quoted as saying,

"Joke or not, this subject matter, in the wake of the state's deadliest wildfires in history, is incredibly insensitive, dangerous, and most definitely not funny. Absolutely no public good could come from the sale of this tool."

The good news for Californians who want to buy Musk's flamethrower is that since the flame it shoots out is less than 10 feet long, it's completely legal and does not require any sort of permit or license. At least for now. Something tells me that the California law on flamethrowers will soon be changed to make Elon's flamethrower illegal. Time will tell.

I definitely don't need a flamethrower, but it looks kind of fun. Guess I better get my order in quick.