Few people know much about Facebook outside of its consumer-facing social networking site, Facebook.com. Despite a relatively eventful year for the social media giant -- Russian media allegations, privacy concerns, and more -- the Silicon Valley company has topped Glassdoor's list as the best place to work in 2018.

Other tech companies that made the list include Google which ranked highly at No.5, Yahoo at No.65, and Apple which descended 48 spots from last year to No.84. According to Glassdoor, however, Facebook seems to really have taken the cake when it comes to pampering its employees to the fullest -- ultimately encouraging people to stay as long as possible in the high-turnover tech industry.

So, what exactly does Facebook have in its fairytale offices that makes employees so happy? A single look inside the Facebook New York offices is enough to find out.

Although it's no secret that tech companies have casual working environments, fun atmospheres, and free food, Facebook seems to outdo all of the competition -- with an office that appears built exclusively for playing more than working. The Manhattan location happens to also be designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Gehry, and also holds members of the Instagram team.

In addition to colorful, open workspaces, the building also holds fantastic adult-sized nooks and crannies in which employees can tuck away to get a break from the noisy and rambunctious energy of their teams. The Manhattan office also boasts something called the Facebook Live set, where Facebook shoots interviews with famous celebrities on a fully lit stage that has the quintessential view of New York City. And with the new Facebook Live set, celebrity sightings are a near-constant presence.

Naturally, another enticing factor for potential employees when deciding where to work is the catered food -- and Facebook definitely provides the cream of the crop for people to choose from. Offices are stocked with snacks and beverages galore, and available in free, unlimited quantities to employees. There's also a culinary team that cooks in a fully commercial kitchen to make cuisine of all kinds: salads, pasta, pizza, and even a pastry chef.

Overall, it looks like Facebook is knocking the competition out of the park when it comes to company and work culture. Let's see if the tech giant can keep the top spot when Glassdoor names its 2019 winners.