Exit interviews are a routine practice in many companies today. The idea of an exit interview is to ask an employee who has quit or resigned his or her job exactly why they decided to leave the company. Was it because they weren't being paid enough in their current job, or because they didn't like their boss, or because they weren't being given enough responsibility?

Of course, when you conduct an exit interview, it's too late to do anything that will prevent your employee from moving on to greener pastures. That's why some companies are trying something new. Instead of conducting exit interviews when employees leave, they are conducting stay interviews to try to keep them.

According to Erin Pappo, Client Services Director at Camden Consulting Group, "Instead of waiting for an employee to become so unhappy or disengaged that they resign, it is critical for companies to get in front of potential problems and correct employee satisfaction and engagement issues before they arise."

Stay interviews should be conducted with current employees on a regular basis to help management understand what they can do to make the workplace better and decrease turnover. Erin Pappo suggests asking these 10 questions during the course of a stay interview:

1. The last time you went home and said, "I had a great day, I love my job," what had happened that day?

2. The last time you went home and said, "That's it, I can't take it anymore," what had happened that day?

3. What is really different here that makes you proud to be an employee?

4. Is your manager effective? If so, what do they do that you value the most? If not, what do you wish they would do more of?

5. What do you like most or least about working here?

6. What might tempt you to leave?

7. What talents are not being used in your current role?

8. What would you like to learn here?

9. What motivates (or demotivates) you?

10. What can your manager do to best support you?

So, instead of exit interviews, give stay interviews a try. You might just be surprised by the results.