Job and recruiting site Glassdoor just announced the results of its analysis of millions of employee reviews to identify 25 jobs with the best career opportunities in the United States. This study is especially timely given the arrival of back-to-school season, when students across the country are deciding on which education tracks will best prepare them for the workforce.

As Glassdoor points out, while almost half of these top-25 jobs are in tech, several finance, healthcare, and marketing roles offer strong career paths as well.

For example, nursing manager boasts the highest number of open jobs of any role on this list with almost 15,000 open roles in the U.S. as of July 5, 2019. Dentist and physician assistant are two additional healthcare roles with strong career opportunities, with both paying over $100,000.

Here, then, are the top-25 jobs that offer the best career opportunities in the United States, along with the median base salary for each. Remember to update your résumé and LinkedIn profile before you go on any job interviews.

1. Tax Manager $112,021
2. Salesforce Developer $81,721
3. Product Designer $102,054
4. Strategy Manager $142,328
5. HR Manager $84,700
6. Audit Manager $102,521
7. Data Scientist $110,160
8. Business Development Manager $80,341
9. Java Developer $82,087
10. Marketing Manager $83,513
11. Product Marketing Manager $121,780
12. Mobile Developer $94,555
13. DevOps Engineer $107,619
14. Communications Manager $80,188
15. Accounting Manager $86,562
16. Data Engineer $101,527
17. Scrum Master $97,771
18. Dentist $140,298
19. Physician Assistant $107,356
20. Product Manager $117,113
21. Compliance Manager $96,580
22. Nursing Manager $85,181
23. Solutions Architect $130,595
24. QA Manager $91,660
25. Software Development Engineer $117,250


Published on: Aug 14, 2019
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