While management trends may come and go, some tried-and-true things every great boss does can't be argued any other way. The very best leaders are always able to inspire their employees to remain loyal, hard working, and enthusiastic.

If you hope to be a great boss--or want to make sure that you remain a great boss--then you should definitely be doing these seven things well every single day.

1. Acknowledge

When people are doing really great things in your organization, great bosses always let their employees know. Publicly recognize or acknowledge the accomplishments of employees in your organization--simple words of encouragement can sometimes be more effective at motivating employees than monetary bonuses.

2. Motivate

Setting high standards for the people in your organization is the easiest way to encourage people to continue giving the best work they're able to, even if it's difficult. Whenever you deviate from these standards, work together as a team to try to get back to them rather than simply criticizing whoever did things incorrectly.

3. Communicate

It's always better to communicate too much than not enough. If you don't touch base with your employees often enough, they'll feel like their work isn't being seen or appreciated. Give people feedback as much as possible--and make it as worthwhile as possible too.

4. Trust

Have confidence that everyone in your team will strive to do the best job that he or she can. Believe that your employees are capable of doing everything they must to get the job done. Employees will appreciate the authority and the collaborative environment.

5. Develop

Offer your employees the option of growth by providing training opportunities. Encourage your staff to voice their desires and opinions so you can best help them along their path in their time at your company.

6. Direct

Make sure to offer adequate direction when delegating tasks, so that you're clear about what one should or should not do. When the system is clean and well-maintained, employees will feel great about their daily jobs.

7. Partner

Directly involve your employees in the organization so they feel like they're involved with something really special. When people feel that their skills are necessary for a task, it definitely boosts their confidence and self-esteem.