I have a confession to make. I've been a huge fan of Silicon Valley marketing guru, tech evangelist, and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki since he emerged on the scene way back in the 1980s, when he served as Apple's chief evangelist. Since then, I've enjoyed keeping tabs on his latest thoughts and writing.

Recently, Kawasaki curated a list of his top four books in partnership with digital library, e-book, and audiobook subscription service Scribd. Here are all four books, along with Kawasaki's comments on each:

1. If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland

Says Kawasaki, "This book is ostensibly about writing, but it's applicable to any creative endeavor. Just substitute what you do (e.g., "programming") for writing, and it will set you free from the external--and internal--negativity that's holding you back."

2. Influence by Bob Cialdini

"This the most important book a marketer can read," says Kawasaki. "Learn the social psychology principles that will make you a more effective communicator, leader, and parent. If you don't change a few things about your business after reading this book, you're probably hopeless."

3. Absolute Value by Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen

According to Kawasaki, "The product adoption lifecycle is so yesterday. Read what it takes to persuade people in a world where feedback is instant and ubiquitous, and the top of the pyramid is now at the bottom."

4. Any book by Lee Child

"Jack Reacher is the Man," says Kawasaki. "You wish you could be like him. I've never been disappointed in a Jack Reacher book, and I've read every one of them--some twice. Jack Reacher for president!"

And, while Kawasaki didn't mention any of his own books among the top four, I personally recommend that you check out his latest...

Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

In his latest book, Wise Guy, Kawasaki reveals how he was able to succeed under iconic Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs. He acknowledges that his experience under Jobs was challenging, unpleasant, and always scary. But he also says Jobs fundamentally changed his life.