Although some of us are naturally more confident than others for whatever reason, anyone can exude confidence to those around them if they know what to do. Contrary to what people believe--that confidence is a trait some are given, and others lack--confidence is a skill that can be learned. It can be practiced, bettered, honed, and made even stronger--all with just a little bit of time and effort.

Where many of us go wrong is by feeling like there's no changing how confident we are; if there are things that worry us, they'll continue to do so no matter what we do. Yet, in reality, the things that feel most inaccessible to us are the things that we usually end up thriving in, or the ones that will be most rewarding.

How, then, do we go about addressing the things that we feel like we fail at the most? By grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak.

The more directly we approach things, the easier it is to be confident doing it--even if it may be more challenging in the beginning. For instance, if we struggle with being honest, or we can't seem to make time to exercise or eat healthy, the more we work on the things that bother us, the sooner we'll feel better about them.

This way, even if what you're aiming to improve is a work in progress, you'll be receiving constant reaffirmation as you work your way through the situation. Sometimes, when the finished product feels far away, knowing that you're making an active effort can be reassuring enough. And following that, your confidence will undoubtedly improve.

The problems we experience with our self-esteem often stem from a feeling that we're not doing enough. But if we are always working on improving ourselves, or at least on the things we perceive as negative traits, it's much easier to justify feeling good about ourselves. And the confidence that accompanies knowing you're doing your best is one that is visible to everyone.

When you feel that you're treating yourself in the best way you possibly can, the world will surely see it too. So, sometimes, we fake it until we make it. Other times, however, we simply stay true to ourselves, and we do our best. And we bask in the confidence that comes from giving the very best of ourselves.