A few years ago, researchers reported that 86 percent of employees believe that they are more productive if they like their boss. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 employees report that dealing with their boss is the worst part of their job​.

Bottom line, if your employees enjoy working for you, they will be more productive and willing to go the extra mile for you and your company. Here are 7 extremely effective habits for earning the respect -- and loyalty -- of your people. 

1. Be optimistic and genuine.

When you are upbeat and positive with the people working around you, they will be more likely to react in the same way, making the workplace a healthy and constructive place to be. Just as negative energy can rub off on others, so can positive energy.

2. Be likable.

The more likable you are, the better you will get along with the people who work for and with you, and others in your life. And the better you get along with others, the more successful you will be.

3. Show them that you care.

Genuinely care about the members of your team and their happiness and well-being. As a leader, you have the ability to inspire your people and build a culture that gets them excited and fully engaged in their work.

4. Don't scare your team members off.

Be open and approachable with your people, and encourage them to voice their ideas, suggestions, and feedback -- good and bad. When you show employees through your actions that their opinions and ideas are important to you, you'll earn their respect and loyalty.

5. Make giving feedback a regular part of your day.

We all want to know how we're doing in our work -- if we're doing a good job or if there are areas for improvement. Someone once said that feedback is the breakfast of champions, and as a leader, it's up to you to give it honestly, sincerely, and often. Remember: your goal is to motivate and inspire employees to do a better job, not punish them for trying new things and making mistakes.

6. Relax a bit and go with the flow.

While there are always going to be important deadlines, goals, and organizational outcomes to achieve, accept that people are sometimes going to make honest mistakes. In fact, if they're trying to improve your organization, they might just break a few things along the way. Sometimes it's best to just relax and let your people find the best way to the solutions you seek.

7. Build trust into everything.

Trust is the foundation that every leader must establish with employees to earn their respect and loyalty. Be a person of your word -- be dependable, honest, and support your people through good times and bad. If you say you're going to do something, do it, and don't try to slip out of your commitments.