From the painfully busy crowds to the outrageously lengthy check-in lines--don't you just love airports? (Of course, the pain doesn't necessarily go away once you're in the air.)

For most of us, the fun begins before we even get to the airport in question, as we find ourselves stuck in traffic or struggling to find a good spot in the nearby parking garage. Then we've got to stand in a long line to check in our bags, and an even longer line to get through security. The obstacles we must overcome to partake in air travel are, unfortunately, not few and far between.

But have no fear, airports are making efforts to increase airport quality and comfort. In fact, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) just installed a new terminal called Private Suite. Access to it is all yours--if you're a member of the rich and famous elite.

The first of its kind in the United States, the $22 million facility is a safe haven for celebrities and wealthy flyers who can no longer deal with the routine airport lifestyle that the rest of us have to put up with. Private Suite terminal users at LAX access it through an exclusive entrance, and will find themselves in a pure state of airport luxury. Daybeds, food pantries, prayer rooms, private bathrooms, well-stocked refrigerators--imagine all the comforts you wish your airport had, and now understand they are all in LAX's Private Suite.

Private Suite users will be able to escape paparazzi and even fans, as tall gray gates make it hard for others to even see these special flyers. These elite users even have their own security screeners and BMW sedan transport to the airplane itself. Must be nice.

Think this terminal experience is for you? Prepare your checkbook--the fee to use the Private Suite for a single flight without buying a membership is $3,500 for a domestic flight, and $4,000 for an international flight.

Alternatively, you--or shall I say the elite--can save money by paying the $7,500 Private Suite annual membership, which will allow you to pay lower individual flight fees. Nothing like being frugal!

Don't worry, the Private Suite was created at no cost to taxpayers--which is great news, as chances that everyday taxpayers will use this new terminal are as likely as the airport being empty the night before Thanksgiving.