One thing that most every one of us would like is to be more creative. Creativity and innovation are skills much in demand in most businesses today. And for good reason. According to General Electric's 2012 Global Innovation Barometer, which polled 2,800 senior executives on the state of innovation around the world, 92 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that "innovation is the main lever to create a more competitive economy," while 86 percent agreed that "investing in innovation is probably the best way to create jobs in my country."

But what can you do to become more creative? There are a number of things that really creative people do to unleash their inner innovator. Here are 9 hacks sure to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Change the scenery

Get on the floor with some pillows and your laptop, try a different coffee shop, or have a group work party. Removing your body and soul from the same old, same old can help spark your creativity.

2. Embrace failure as an opportunity

With every failure, we learn something new that creates a new path to success-naturally increasing our creativity. Be inquisitive and ask questions, look at the issue from another's point of view. Figure out why you failed and then brainstorm ideas to turn the failure into success. This is creativity at its best.

3. See the world through a child's eyes

Quietly observe how a child reacts to what they see. Take a back seat and be a passenger on their journey-a child's unique view of the world can open your mind to more creative thoughts.

4. Keep it positive

You are much more likely to find your creativity when you can put a positive spin on life as a whole. Too much negativity kills creativity because you're too busy being negative.

5. Take a time-out from life

Have time alone to do absolutely nothing. Calm all the thoughts of the outside world and be with yourself-allowing new, creative ideas to enter this calmer space.

6. Find time to daydream

Remember when you were a kid and would lay back and stare up at the sky daydreaming about flying or winning the league championship? Daydreaming can open your mind to mountains of creativity if you just let it wander freely.

7. Get out of your comfort zone

If you find yourself saying, "This is not the way we do things around here," stop yourself-right now. Be willing to give new thoughts and ways of getting things done a try. Step out of your comfort zone, and into an outside-of-your-box creative zone.

8. Channel your happiness

The American Psychological Association determined that when you are experiencing extreme happiness, your creativity is sparked. They even suggest that when you are experiencing a very negative mood, this can also trigger creativity. Extremely happy or angry? Tap into your natural creativity now!

9. If all else fails, have a drink

Last resort, have a beer or glass of wine-but just one. Researchers say that one drink is enough to take your brain activity down a few notches so you can get those creative juices flowing again.